Real Life in Virtual Reality

Welcome to Mesh Space. Where your desires can be as real as you want for as long as you want. 

Indelible physicality, interaction with other true consciousnesses, digestion… All great, sure, but at a cost. Too many of us believe that our every action must be judgeable, must be recallable, must have consequences. In the physical world perhaps this is true, but in our award winning Mesh Space simulation, cause is no longer constrained by effect – consequence becomes a choice, not a necessity. 

Mesh Space offers true sensory life experiences without the anxiety of actually living. Using proprietary NerveMap™ nanites and version 13.0 Artificial Intelligence, we guarantee you real pleasure, real pain, and genuine interactions with unscripted artifices. And the option to subsequently delete all records. Excitingly, our next Mesh Space upgrade – due for Soptomber release – provides the additional option to delete even your own memories of Mesh Space events (prima-platinum subscribers only).

As a species, we’ve evolved beyond outdated limitations set by the risk-reward paradigm. Why risk failure, embarrassment, or censure in a version of reality that doesn’t have an undo button? Join us in Mesh Space today, where you need accept nothing but reward! 

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