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10 characters to add chaos to your next game or story!

The below is cross-posted from my Patreon: A list inspired by the myriad of in-game offhand comments and characters that – for one reason or another – take up residence in my brain out of all proportion to their in-game importance.   So here are 10 of my favourites which I feel deserve greater exposure…
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Needy Cat charity games jam

I took part in a games jam over the weekend to build a board game on the topic of “pets/wildlife”. My first board game and it was A LOT of fun! The majority of entry costs went to Feline and Wildlife Rescue in Nottingham; so that was a warm and fuzzy feeling too. Follow the…
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A new Patreon

I have just launched a Patreon as a centre for my Silly Games Activity. I will continue to publish everything as PWYW on Itch; but patrons will get early access to my games as well as an assortment of extras: illustrations, extra ‘house rules’, mechanic discussion, etc. Patrons at the £5+/month level will also recieve…
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