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Creative Designer and Indie Publisher in London, UK.

Graphic Design

Your logo, social media assets, and brand should be bold ambassadors of the unique you.


Give your words the greatest impact. Your book, rulebook or presentation should look as great as it reads.


Let nothing impede the power of your story. Invest in copy editing or proofreading to polish your manuscript, game or article.


Tawaki & Mihku is a new publishing venture focussed on gifts and games, stories and whimsy.

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Tawaki & Mihku

Launching December 2020, Tawaki and Mihku is an indie publisher focussing on interactive fiction.

Follow along for games, for gifts, for books and stories… Anything that provokes whimsy and delight.


Hello, I’m Jane

I love the the playful, and the clever. A long time gamer with a creative design attitude; I am truly nerdy about creating unique experiences for the imagination. Let’s chat about your next branding, publishing or writing project.